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Our Range

“Our range is ever changing. We continuously search for unique beauty and one of a kind pieces”

POIX & TROY work exclusively with boutique manufacturers to develop exquisite one of a kind jewellery.

We also work closely with our customers to design and create bespoke pieces of extremely high quality that would not be out of place in the best jewellery houses in Europe.

POIX & TROY are brand ambassadors for Mousson, founded in St Petersburg Russia, Mousson use incredible precious stones of various shapes, colours, sizes and cuts to develop a wide variety of unique creations. The impeccable manufacturing of jewellery is the product of cutting-edge technologies, with Innovation in design and manufacturing quality being the key principles of the company.

Our range can be seen by retailers by private appointment either in our suite at 350 George street Sydney or on site at our retail customers premises. 

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Creating exclusive collections for luxury boutique Jewellers

To view our range or discuss the creation of a unique piece please speak to Poix & Troy today.

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